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Internet Research

Utilize our proprietary models to detect bias and verify the reliability of information.


Reference Checks

Evaluate the credibility of sources and references with ease.


Reliability Report

View comprehensive reliability reports created for every source information is taken from.


Document Uploads

Upload and verify the authenticity of your own documents, and use data from them.


AI Accuracy

Benefit from our AI models that eliminate hallucinations and provide accurate results.

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Benefits of Workki AI - Elevate Your Academic Journey!


Completely unbiased

Our product is fully automated that allows us to eliminate human error and provide unbiased results.


$13M saved

On average $13M can be saved per year for company (source: Gartner)

2 Month a Year

On average 2 months of working time saved per year per business worker (source: McKinsey)


GDPR and security are our #1 priority

We take data security very seriously. We keep your data safe by using the strongest encryption methods. We are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring that our data practices are transparent and respect user privacy.

Easy Charts and Graphs

Make data easy to understand with our tools that help you create charts and graphs.

How It Works?


Governments can use Workki AI to make better policies by quickly finding and checking reliable information from many sources. It helps spot fake news, keeping people safe and informed. The platform also ensures that regulatory documents are accurate and meet legal requirements, including GDPR.


Universities benefit from Workki AI by making research easier for students and professors. They can quickly review literature, verify sources, and gather reliable data for their projects. The platform supports teamwork by centralizing document verification and access. It also helps create accurate educational content, ensuring high-quality information for students.

Private Equity Firms

Private equity firms use Workki AI to speed up the process of checking financial statements and market reports. This helps identify trends, risks, and opportunities quickly. The platform also aids in managing investment portfolios by monitoring relevant news and reports, enabling better decision-making.

News Media Companies

News media companies use Workki AI to verify sources and references, ensuring they publish accurate news. The platform helps create content by summarizing articles and research papers quickly, keeping the flow of reliable news steady. It also detects fake news, helping maintain the company's reputation for accuracy.

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