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Write and send professional emails in seconds.

Stop spending hours writing emails and managing your inbox. Use Workki to do that for you.

Connects with Gmail

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How to use Workki?

Dive into our fresh article to find everything you need to use assistant effectively

AI Chat

Send a message like you would to your human assistant.


Just type in what you want to see or send a file with your data

Calendar management

Schedule meetings, seamlessly manage your calendar and get reminders.

Connects with Google Calendar

Meeting with John

Hello, John.
I would like to schedule a meeting with you to discuss the new project.
Please let me know if you are available.

Time: Feb 24, 2024, 10:00 AM - Feb 24, 2024, 11:00 AM

Duration: 60 mins

Reminder: 15 mins

Place/Location: Teams meeting

Add to calendar

Is this for me?

Here are some examples of what you can do with Workki and where you can use it.


Write professional emails in seconds

Get over the writers block. Write and send hundreds of professional emails per day. Train your assistant to write in your style.

Conduct market research

Workki can find information on the Internet and analyze it. Use it to find new customers or competitors. Built-in charts and graphs will help you to represent data in concise manner.

Set reminders with Google

Workki can set events in your calendar or task manager. Just tell it when and what to remind you about.

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Team work

  • Host files in one place
  • Exchange files and information
  • Work together on projects
  • Check each other's calendars
  • Get more done. Faster. Together.
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AI Image Generator

Create stunning images, art, or hyper-realistic illustrations in seconds.

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Contact us and we will answer all of your questions. Even the most difficult ones. Even on weekends.

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